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Is it really necessary to get a boutonniere for my aunt/uncle/cousin?

Well, yes and no. A wedding, a bridal gown, the rings, the flowers are not "necessary"... but that's not the point, is it? We want nice weddings for a couple of reasons:

- to create a beautiful memory for this important milestone
- to make our family and friends feel like they are an important part of our lives
- to help define who we are to others, including our tastes in decor and fashion, and our thoughtfulness to the people we care about

The list goes on, but the point is, your wedding day is important to so many people you care about. Giving someone a boutonniere or corsage to wear for the day is a symbol (much like a ring) of love between family (and/or friends). For the more elderly folks in your family, it is a sign of respect. For people who are given the privilage of wearing a boutonniere or corsage (by you!), it automatically makes your wedding that much more special in their eyes. This is precisely why we try so hard to plan a nice wedding!